Be Sharp 😉

I am reminded so much of some things I saw as a young girl. So my uncle William loved to play with dogs a lot. And he would dangle with stuff in his hands. The dog would try reaching it but William was good with keeping them reaching and longing. They never got what he had in his hands but he would lead them to the tea plantations. For some reason that longing made them catch ‘Kipsigaa’ a small animal that ate chicken. By then William would be back to his stuff and the dogs would find him gone. Sometimes they found nothing and they would go searching for uncle William something they were always successful at.
Then there are those people you can never do good by. They give unreachable expectations and no matter what you do, you can never please them. They are always setting standards and determining the reach. Then we find ourselves being led by the desire to reach those standards good by them. Sometimes they give us so much energy that we end up getting things done and even when we come back to check they are nowhere.
This story is for you who relies on likes, views, feedback and many of other of society standards and approval. You who has left others to determine your fate. Awaken that desire in you, awaken the teacher, the critic, the mother, the wise one. Awaken you for the ego plays with you like my uncle William plays with the dog. Just like him its standards are unreachable. But YOU, that you outside society’s standards can experience the here and now and set out to live. Be Sharp

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