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The psyche of the Kenyan people is highly informed by the effects of the colonial period. The slave master relationship which formed most of education system in British systems caused a disturbance in the cultural system. Most communities and individuals have responded to this with anxiety, fear and anger. On the other hand, the continued globalization and modernization has allowed an ease in access to resources and needs for the community and individuals. This understanding informs most of my practice as a psychologist with my deepest desire being enabling individuals and their communities to sharpen their perceptions and by extension be happy through balancing duty and pleasure. As Carl Jung says awareness is halfway healing.

My history

I grew up in Chepkunyuk, in the Nandi Hills, famous for tea introduced by the colonial rule for economic drives that have had a negative psychological impact on the population. I’m convinced that this impact informs much of our psyche as my society.  My extended family was a typical dysfunctional family fear was the main basis of interaction and love. Through understanding these dynamics and the process of healing I have understood the depth of insecure attachments down generations.

In the Kalenjin community, ancestors are re-born in each generation. The community ensures this continuity through a naming system. My ancestral name is Taptuwei – she was a medicine woman renown for her midwifery skill and knowledge of traditional herbs. Taptuwei had a daughter, Chebore, who, unable to bear children suffered stigma and in the end fell into madness. It seems to me that she probably had bipolar a type of mental illness. I found myself in the role of therapy from an early age and attribute this to the tasks of care for Chebore, who I was known to calm when she became violent.

I have had an opportunity to extend my unique abilities from my personality, history and expertise, tailoring my approach for each individual, considering community history and culture.

My experience

I have gained more than 3000hours of counselling over the six years of my practice as a psychologist. I worked with people of different economic classes, gender, sexuality, cultural back grounds, education levels and personalities. These have enriched my understanding and through them I have continued to develop unique approaches that empower the individual to assume responsibility of personal growth and be a best version of themselves they can be.

I can help individuals with concerns on

Trauma, rape and gender based violence, insecure attachment, stress management, self esteem, ADHD, depression, anxiety, relationships, dysfunctional families, aggression and truancy

My practice

Psychotherapy and counselling

There is a continued for therapeutic solutions with the increasing cases of mental illnesses and damaged communal fabric. Most people in need of therapy do not afford therapy. I have tailored programs that allow access for those in need of counselling. I also understand deeply the difference in cultural approach to therapy and I have developed unique programs that cater for the cultural needs and have proved to be effective in therapy.

Coaching and leadership

My ambition is to be like Bill Campbell the silicon valley coach where through coaching and motivating individuals, their work reach its greatest potential. I work with executives and senior officers in organizations where I help them match their personality with their work. This has especially been great for startups as one always needs a sounding board that can improve their perspectives and ideas.

My work can be seen in organizations such as Vizazi Ltd, Youth on the Move, Siha health, women rep Nandi county, one of a mind and Twakena a therapeutic app in its development. My skills will apply in working with the individual, their teams, social media branding and personalized assistance.

I am very critical, thoughtful, creative and thorough in my exploration of many subjects. I skillfully ask questions that help these individuals relook their thoughts and build on them.

Costs of these depend on assignment. Consultation is Kes 4,000 an hour.

Sharp perceptions

I am a gifted story teller. I believe with increase human connection through the internet, the opportunity to openly share perspectives allows for growth as a society. I use media platforms with links below where I use my experiences and those of others to share knowledge and open conversations on matters that pertain us as humans. I run #Fikatalks at Campus radio Kenya where I use my interviewing skills to engage individuals on different themes for the young audience.

Thinking and communication has enabled homosapiens the advantage to conquer the planet. The cognitive revolution allowed us as humans to spread and thrive. Our deepest need is that of being part of the whole and collaborative coexistence.

Join us be part of the difference.

Feel free to ask me anything about you wondered, no hard feelings.

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